Tufted titmouse on the edge of a birdbath.

Wild Bird Feeding

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Chesterton Feed & Garden

Chesterton Feed & Garden your go-to source for an extensive selection of high-quality wild bird feeds and supplies. Our carefully curated range ensures you have everything you need to create an inviting environment for your feathered visitors.

Special Wild Delight Offer

We are thrilled to announce a special sale from October 5 to October 15. During these 10 days, take advantage of an exclusive discount on one of our most popular bird feeds. Enjoy $3 off small bags and a generous $6 off large bags of Wild Delight. View all other Wild Bird Department offers in our Weekly Sale Flyer.

Plan Your Visit

As the seasons unfold, relish the serenity of your surroundings filled with the sweet songs of birds. Visit Chesterton Feed & Garden, where the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the great outdoors await you. Join us and make your outdoor space a sanctuary for our winged companions. Visit us today!

Blue Jay with nugget in it's mouth on a tree branch male Eastern Bluebird on the edge of a birdbath Woodpecker facing camera on a tree branch