large light colored dog taking a treat from someone's hand

Pet Food & Supplies

Love. Trust. Smiles.

A magical relationship, reminding you what life is all about.

Seeing your puppy’s joy as you open the front door. Hearing his playful yaps as he retrieves his Frisbee. Feeling the soft fur of a kitten snuggled in your warm lap. These moments are the gems of life.

Hearing the cheerful song of a canary composed in perfect harmony just for you. Feeling the gentle wind of fluttering wings on your face as he alights onto your outstretched finger. The greatest times we will ever know.

Seeing that cute, whiskery face peeking up at you through its Habitrail. The gentle nudge of your pup’s nose reminding you it’s time for a walk.

Friendship comes in all kinds of packages. For over 80 years, Chesterton Feed & Garden Center has been there with you, side-by-side, giving your pets the life and love they deserve.

Corgi licking his lips adorned in festive hat and sweater cat enjoying salmon flavored wildly natural cat treats happy black/brown/white dog smiling at the camera