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Enjoy the birds

Did you ever wonder why people feed the wild birds?

Some believe that it is crucial to their survival. Others feed them for their own self gratification. Still others feed for the sheer enjoyment of the experience. Avid bird watchers feed the birds in hopes of attracting an unusual species to their feeder area. The sights, sounds and activities of our feathered friends in our own back yard allow us to more closely interact with nature.

The sound of a bird can stop the noise in our minds.

Listen to the songs… The chickadee calling to his friends with a cheerful “chick-a-dee-dee-dee”, the comforting coo of the mourning dove, the resonate hammering of a distant downy woodpecker… Their happy, carefree melodies fill the yard in the early morning light.

Live one day as deliberately as nature.

Observe their habits… With a flurry of wings, a blue jay fills his crop and flies off to a nearby branch to finish his meal. A tufted titmouse visits the feeder and, one-by-one, takes a seed back to his favorite perch, creatively holding the seeds with his toes as he cracks them open and enjoys the tasty morsel inside. The evening grosbeak comes to the feeder, calmly perching, eating seed after seed till he’s had his fill.

The world is bathed in the hues of nature.

Marvel at the colors… The regal red winter plumage of the majestic Cardinal. The brilliant blue darts of color as the Eastern Bluebirds flit to and from their nest box. The flash of the red-tailed hawk as he leaves his branch and springs into flight. The breathtaking contrast of yellow and purple as the American Goldfinch perches atop a gently swaying thistle bloom.

So why do people feed the wild birds? Quite simply, it’s our way to experience nature’s special gift.

Enjoy the birds… Chesterton Feed & Garden Center.

Baltimore oriole enjoying oranges Male eastern bluebird on a tree branch. Woodpecker on a tree with snow in the background